Other Projects

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Crown Vista:

These luxury apartments are located on the main boulevard in Ghauri Town Phase V, right next to Islamabad expressway in close proximity to the Islamabad airport. This project is a collaborative effort between Qazi Enterprises and Landmark Holdings. The astute location has made Crown Vista a magnet for commercial activity. The ground and lower ground floor are designed to facilitate shops and office space. The upper floors are dedicated to sumptuous, luxurious apartments. The apartments cater to each of life’s amenities while maintaining an aura of style and grace. Crown Vista is built according to seismic standards and ensures a high benchmark of structural strength. Special importance is given to the ventilation in the building; this coupled with the intelligent use of space ensures that residents never feel crowded out.


Murree Improvement Trust – Residential Houses:

One of the crowning achievements of Landmark Holdings is the residential housing built in Lower Jhika Gali, close to Murree Mall road. We have built over 100 units catering to needs of the luxury traveler. The houses sit overlooking a serene and majestic valley. They provide a panoramic view of the lush green hills that dot Murree’s landscape. Murree Improvement Trust is a thriving vacation spot for people looking to escape the routines of life. Our residential homes ensure that these vacationers enjoy Murree with comfort and ease. To promote these feelings, Landmark Holdings has done extensive infrastructure development in the vicinity including road network, provision of electricity and sewerage system.



Razia Cottages and Resorts:

These cottages and resorts reside in the peaceful and breathtaking Bhurban, 600 meters from Kashmiri Bazaar on PC Bhurban Road. PC Bhurban road is the main access to Muzaffarabad, Abbottabad and Kashmir and therefore these cottages are ideally located for the vacationer looking to explore the wonders of northern Pakistan. The cottages are designed in a way to allow the residents to bask in the glory of Bhurban’s beauty. Personal terraces provide an unadulterated view of the picturesque mountains, supplemented by the wide windows which enhance the mesmerizing views of the foliage from each room.