Chairman’s Message

Landmark Holdings stands at the forefront of real estate development as the housing market in Pakistan continues its mushroom growth. Our long history has allowed us to build a credible real estate portfolio and it is with the same credibility that we continue to build our future.

For over 25 years, Landmark Holdings has been sharpening their expertise as builders and constructors. Infrastructure development and construction of commercial and residential properties is our forte and we have continued to learn and grow in those aspects. Over the years, designs have changed and development has evolved but we have never digressed from our goal: To provide quality housing at affordable prices. Affordability, without sacrificing quality, continues to be our guiding force.

Our customer centric focus allows us to build societies which are tailored to the needs of the residents. Among those needs comfort and security are the most dominant. We ensure that our residents can feel safe in their homes as well as in the vicinity of the society. This is supplemented with comfortable homes designed to allow the owners to escape the taxing routines of daily life. Easing access to public transport, hospitals, schools and other amenities cut travel times and further reduce stress. At the end of the day, we provide a full solution to the client by combining affordability, comfort and security and delivering a satisfying product.

Landmark Holdings takes great pride in its employees. We believe that if our people are indoctrinated with positive values of trust and hard work, and these values reflect in the product they deliver. As a result, we spend extravagant amounts on the professional and personal development of our employees. The housing landscape is constantly changing and we feel it is imperative that our people continue to evolve with the changing landscape. Innovative employees provide smart solutions and identify consumer’s latent needs allowing us to stay a step ahead of the competition in satisfying our clients. A healthy and competitive work environment ensures that our employees are always in the best shape to meet the consumer demands.

Landmark Holdings embodies quality, innovation and trust. We have a heightened sense of corporate social responsibility and believe that it is our duty to give back to the society. Our goal is to deliver value added, master planned communities developed with a strong consumer centric focus.

Malik Hamid Majeed


Landmark Holdings