About The Project




Landmark Holdings proudly present their latest venture, Landmark Farms. We are committed to providing high quality and low cost real estate solutions to clients and Landmark Farms allows us to further build on that tradition.

This gated community is located 1 km from Simili Dam Road, just opposite Naval Farms. The farms rest in a serene environment, surrounded by beauteous hills and the evergreen Botanical Gardens. The locale itself is the epitome of calm and serenity, giving the residents an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In addition, the community is located 3 km from Bahria Enclave. The Enclave itself can be viewed from the community from an elevated view which adds a unique element to the scenic beauty surrounding Landmark Farms.

Practicality has always been our virtue and therefore, we will make sure the residents have access to all the amenities of life. As mentioned above, we will provide a gated community patrolled and guarded by dedicated personal in order to ensure safety and security of the residents. The farms themselves will be bordered so as to indicate and differentiate among holdings by clients.  The clients will be handed over developed farms with electricity and water availability. In addition, clients can also choose among buying only a plot or a built farm house. Most importantly, the farms will be available at affordable rates.

Landmark Farms offers an alluring investment opportunity and is the ideal solution for those looking to reignite themselves by leaving the suffocating urban dwellings and living a life of ease and tranquility.